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Mexico Trede Show 2019


Mexico expo 2019

Our exhibition time: June 4-6

Exhibition introduction:

Mexico is one of three free trade zones in North America and enjoys zero tariffs.North America, a major producer of plastic packaging, accounts for 33 percent of the world plastic market, while the average annual growth rate in Mexico is nearly 10 percent.

Mexico produces 4.17 million tons of plastic.Mexico currently has about 4,400 plastic companies (84% of which are small or micro) that process 5 million tons of plastic products a year.Growth is expected to be 9-10% a year for the next few years.

About 43 per cent of its plastic products are used to make bottles or packaging, while the rest are heavily used in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture.In addition, the United States for many years has been the largest plastic production in the world, plastic products are also among the best.Texas and California together are the world's second largest states.Thanks to Mexico's low-cost advantage, many plastic processors in the two states have moved to Mexico, helping fuel the growth of the country's plastics industry.

At the same time, the structure of plastic products in Mexico has changed dramatically, with increasing value-added products and changing demand for equipment.Among them, the small equipment is the majority, the injection molding machine with all-electric dominance, intelligent, programming, automatic, high-speed models are more popular, used in medical, consumer goods and silicon materials of special equipment market is very good.